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Edge is also based on Microsoft’s new “Universal Windows Platform” instead of the old Win32 desktop application platform.This has given Edge some serious teething and performance problems.If you haven’t switched to Chrome yet, here’s why you might want to–and how to quickly switch over. Internet Explorer is old and outdated–so much so that Microsoft is intent on phasing it out.It doesn’t support the latest browser features, it can be quite slow, and its browser add-on framework is clunky.It launched without important features–Edge still doesn’t support browser extensions and won’t until Windows 10’s Anniversary Update is released.Edge can hopefully get a jump start on its extension library by being mostly compatible with Chrome extensions, but it’ll still take some time for it to catch up.If you have a Google account (like a Gmail address), you can sign into it by clicking the profile button on the menu bar and clicking “Sign In”. You can use Chrome without ever signing in with a Google account, and things should work fine.

Open Chrome’s menu, select “Settings” and click “Make Google Chrome the Default Browser” under Default Browser at the bottom of the Settings page.If you don’t see this option here, open the Settings screen by clicking the menu button (the three lines in the top right corner) and selecting “Settings.” Click the “Import Bookmarks and Settings” button under People on the Settings page.Select Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge to import data from.This also means Edge won’t work on older versions of Windows, so Windows 7 users can’t even think about using it–they’ll need to switch to Chrome to get a modern browser.Unlike Edge, Chrome is a mature piece of software complete with the years of interface refinement that Edge lacks.

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You’ll still need IE for some older sites–this is why IE is still included on Windows 10, even though Microsoft is pushing Edge.

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